Why is your website not getting any visitors? 

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There are many people who want to contact you or visit your site. You may find that they are searching for solutions online and could need your service. It’s not a matter of lack of resources, but rather a problem of lack of direction.

Your website’s purpose is to create connections. Your online space can be visited by potential clients, existing clients, online and off-line communities, as well as referral sources.

It can be depressing to see your analytics for your website and find that nobody is visiting it. You may think you wasted time. Your website is not generating any results despite the money, time and energy you invested.

1. You don’t need to share your website

There’s really no other reason to have people visit your site if you’re not blogging, vlogging or producing another kind of content. Engaging your audience, increasing relevance and adding more indexed pages to your website all contribute to SEO.

2. The design of your website is untrustworthy

According to research, design can either make visitors trust you or your website. Bounces are caused by poor design.

3. Social media is not your thing

Social media can help you direct traffic to your site. You do not have to be an expert in social media. You should post awesome content regularly.

4. Set up a schedule for sending emails.

Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience, and to drive traffic to your site. Create a list of current and former customers and provide a sign-up form for visitors. Share your most recent projects, and any news you may have with your mailing list. You could even announce that your website has been launched. You can create a mobile-friendly, simple email you can update regularly. This will make sending emails quick and easy. Email can be used to share new products, events and promotions.

5. The load time is very long

The average person will only wait seven seconds before hitting the Back button. Not only this, but various studies have shown that visitors to websites are more likely return to those that load quickly. 7. Never tell anyone else about your secret.

You can also use offline marketing to drive traffic to your site: ask clients to take advantage of the weekly blog you publish, meet a referral source over lunch, and mention your guide on eating disorders, which could help them and their clients, and include your URL in your promotional materials and business cards.

6. You website is not mobile-friendly

A responsive website is essential. Your website must be mobile-friendly with the increase in mobile usage. Google gives mobile-friendly sites a higher ranking in search results for mobile devices. You could be losing out on a lot.

Your website is outdated

Visitors may also leave your website if it has not been updated in a long time. If you don’t publish any blog posts in a long time, it may make people think you quit blogging. In the case of company websites, if you fail to keep your site updated, people may think your business has closed. By posting new content regularly, you can reassure people that your site is still in operation and encourage them to return.

A site which is regularly updated will usually rank higher than one that has not been updated. It could help attract new customers.

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